Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aerial Predator

The next variation of the Predator is the Aerial Predator. Ive been sketching up some concepts on how his anatomy would have evolved for flight.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Honorbound Predator

So for some time now Ive been working on this project with fellow RIT alums and such called Honorbound. Its a type of D&D meets Magic:The Gathering type card game. The setting is the extreme future. Couple thousand years easy. Mankind has traveled the stars, colonized worlds, created utopias, engineered untold horrors, some have even conquered death. All of this amazing progress is over and mankind is emerging from a new dark age. Humanity is rebuilding society using the technology left behind by their forefathers. It is basically magic to it's new users.

Im taking this more as a chance to make some new digital creatures and such. Basically to keep my drawing skills up...while having fun. The creator of Honorbound, this guy named Avi, charged me with designing the Predator cards. There are 3 cards to this series. The first being the Predator pack. This is a genetically created ultimate predator creature. It needed to have all the bits and pieces of master predators. SO...i went with some venomous fangs, snake heat pits, cat/hawk like eyes, some porcupine quills(for armor...i thought its cooler than reptile type armor), cat like body/tail for movement, and little glider type skin flaps for silent landings from jumps. Introducing the Predator! YOU CANT BEAT THIS VERSION ARNOLD!