Saturday, August 14, 2010

Working Away

So its 1:30 AM...Sunday August 15th...I started this project way to long ago...but the details in it will be amazing. This is the first sculpture I am doing where I am actually using reference for all the folds and clothes. I used my brother Nick as the model with some old clothes from my dad on him. Nick isnt at all jacked like Lazarus here...but the folds are all i care about right now. Ive seriously been working on just one pant leg for nearly 3 family is making jokes about me not leaving my my roommates can dont leave my work area when there is a project in front of me. Still isnt the same as working in my house in Rochester...this set-up here isnt want I want or need to get my work done...but hey...I gotta do with what Ive got. I think Im going to use this blog more...its kinda nice to see how far Ive gotten in a few days...and to ramble on about stuff!...oh...and if you were wondering...yes...that is my Target work shirt Im wearing...FML

Ok...going to bed now...ERIE COUNTY FAIR tomorrow morning! gnight!